♥OTAKU NO NICHIJOU - M E G A N E -♥ ☆ MEGANE ☆: September 2014

Saturday, 6 September 2014


Yo hey guys !  Seriously , i'm too laazy now to update my blog since i'm busy with d/loading anime and game etc . XP

But , today , yeah ... i'm kinda ,,,, u know , i want to make a confession. Not an important one but kinda  , haha XD

Well , it just when your friends asking or seeking advices from you about love or  something related to that , but you don't have any experience in love or have a love relationship with someone a.k.a ZERO EXPERIENCE IN LOVE !!! 

You know , my friend just asked me for some advices abt that. Since i'm not really EXPERT regarding on that matters , love blablabla , so i surf a web , google abt love advices , copy the words and talk to my friend. AM I A BAD FRIEND ? CRUEL ? 

But what should i do actually ?! I'm completely clueless abt love. I'm single . 
So my advice is the lamest and it's totally useless.

Okaylah , that's all. Dont mind my grammar . It's suck anyway. Haha , i just want to talk in english. 
Btw , good night :D

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